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07/14/2002 - 07/20/2002

:: prose ::

Welcome to Diego [4.3.03]
Diego in the south, that's my hometown
let me tell you something 'bout how we throw down
in the city of summer we always keepin it real
club nite is life, that's how we feel

saturday night, we mob to L.A.
five car caravan on the freeway
two hundred on da guestlist, that's how we roll
you can ask around cuz they all know

when we hit the dancefloor we're half of the club
give time to the ladies cuz it's all love
party all night til they shut us down
drink continuous til we're on the ground

after the club we're far from done
it's only 2am and the night's just begun
so pass da bacardi cuz we can't stop
they say its last call but for us it's not

so let me introduce you to the rest of the crew
some of these fools you already knew
c-walk, non-stop, hiphop Mat's up in da mix
swoopin on the ladies like it ain't no shit

next case, it's Stace, she don't ever drive
picked up, dropped off, we just chauffeur rides
Chester representing, admiral's on the scene
stepping to the hunnies like he invented the lean

Nela in da house with all of her pharmacy friends
dancing away like the night can't end
oh no, there goes thuy with drinks in her hand
those who've seen this, they understand

Event staff standing, guarding the door
downing shots of vodka yelling out "no more"
shit here comes Steve steaming down from the bay
when he starts leaning step out of the way

DJ Vu on the turntables spinnin da tracks
cuz it'll be 8am before we get back
Albert's sober cuz he don't ever drink
one shot of tequila and he'd be over a sink

oh yeah I almost forgot, what about me?
well everyone who knows, knows I'm Z
always take my camera and give it away
drinking every night like its my birthday

:: ::

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