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A Glimpse Inside

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The Fool
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The Slaying of the Beast

07/14/2002 - 07/20/2002

:: prose ::

The Fool
Night, her beauty shines upon my face
Two lovers caught in moonlight's soft embrace
Bright sparklets dance across her eyes like stars
And I forget all time, where and who we are
I know nothing else and I do not care
The world could end so long as she was there
And once I laughed and scorned all love's fools
Now I have bent and broken every rule
All for her, my life is hers alone
What I have is hers to own
Am I aware of the beast I have become
Of course, but what's done is done
And if pain should feel so right
Then torture me from day till night
But should she leave me I would die
Screaming to my grave WHY OH WHY?!
My world would come crashing down
A perfect image shattering upon the ground
Cutting me with razors edge
My heart bleeding but not yet dead
And lying in a pool of my dying love
I realize then.. what a fool I was

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