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07/14/2002 - 07/20/2002

:: prose ::

Nowhere [4.5.03]
nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
and the truth of it's been eating me up inside
I've opened my eyes, now it's your turn to see
just take a second, to really look at me
look at us, and this facade that we've become
I know you know, deep down I'm not the one
and my eyes keep drifting towards the open door
you can't hold me stationary anymore
it can't be better off this way
living everyday, pretending everything's ok
you are an anchor, holding me back
and I am the chains, keeping you trapped
so let me go, escape, go be free
no alternative, this is how it has to be
nowhere is where we started and where we're headed
stuck in this pattern, continually repetitive
it's been over, I just have to say goodbye
please believe, I never meant to make you cry
you're upset, I feel the hate you radiate
but better for you to hate than never to escape
of course I care, but caring is not enough
the connection's slowly been fading between the two of us
you say you don't understand, I won't try to justify
sometimes the truth hurts more than any lie
this is the time our two paths must seperate
otherwise, nowhere would be our fate

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