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The Slaying of the Beast

07/14/2002 - 07/20/2002

:: prose ::

The Last Goodbye [2.16.03]
I awoke each morning to the your face, the sun of my dawn
But there was no sunrise today, I reached out to find you gone
Each hour has become utterly indistinguishable from midnight
My world now draped in black by the absence of your light

Your love was a gift I both cherished and wholly took for granted
Cold and alone in the darkness, I lack the inner strength to stand it
Can I survive with only the ghost of someone who is gone?
Can I dance forever to only the remembrance of a song?

Slowly the memory of who you were begins to fade inside of me
Will the cruel fates have even the image of your face denied to me?
I grip tightly, as if my fingers held me dangling from a ledge
But time implacable wrenches you free from the vaults within head

It is all lost to me now: your touch, your laugh, your eyes
And I know in my heart that this, this is the last goodbye

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