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07/14/2002 - 07/20/2002

:: prose ::

All There Is [4.4.03]
stuck in this routine, every single day
I want desperately to leave, but I can't find the way
I look around to see, I'm not the only one whose lost
and I ask the question to everyone I cross
but no one knows, no one cares
all they give is silence and empty stares
I'm standing dangerously on the edge
and I have nothing left to give
so tell me is it true?
is this all there is?

tell me if you know
don't leave me in the dark
basish all this doubt
that's lurking in my heart
is there more,
if I should live
or is this all there is?
is this all there is?

but I'll go on, searching for the truth
at this point, what have I got to lose
everyday's the same, I cease trying to understand
when did I become this empty shell that I am
is there hope, is there light
at the end of this tunnel I've been walking through all night
I search desperately for the wonder
I felt when I saw the sky as a kid
but maybe this is it
this all there is
please don't let this be
all there is...

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