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07/14/2002 - 07/20/2002

:: prose ::

Again [9.16.02]
and so it begins again, as it was back then
saying the words that manifest and coalesce without end
I ran from the thoughts that I can't seem to escape
so I scribble these lines before the pharses all fade
times may have changed but the condition remains
I've said it before and this is more of the same
the emptiness I know that resides in my soul
it started a crack, now a huge gaping hole
I might have fallen back then, now I struggle to stand
I stagger and walk, but no one offers a hand
I search for the truth and an ounce of integrity
all i find is the truth: there's no bounds to hypocrisy
how can people search for the truth when they lie to themselves
how can people shortchange their souls till all they have is a shell
how can they look in my eyes, their lies drip from their lips
and they don't even know, the thought's making me sick
try to contain, try to maintain, try keep it all in
but the torrent that rages can't be held to within
and as hard as I try, the moisture builds in my eyes
as I summarily fail to keep it inside
acidic tears that burn thin streaks down my cheeks
I feel the emptiness rise, I feel my legs going weak
still afraid of everything and absolutely nothing at all
and once again I stumble... and tumble... and fall

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