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poems and other assorted literary works...
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After the Dream*
All There Is
Brief Icarus*
The Fool
The Last Goodbye
Such Sweet Sorrow
Through the Storm*
Welcome to Diego
The War Within
True Motives
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The Slaying of the Beast

07/14/2002 - 07/20/2002

:: express ::

What Writing Is to Me...
the courage to create.
the capacity to comprehend.
the conviction to convey.

Inspiration [4.5.03]
how does it work, this thing called inspiration
to anyone who's felt it, its quite a strange sensation
a river that stops and flows beyond our conscious control
oh well, that's just how it goes, Something we might never know
the only thing we can do I guess, is write the words as they manifest
and the only thing that is certain beyond any doubt
is that something deep inside is always trying to get out
so pen in hand and heart in mind, I scribble onto the page
and here before you are all the words my efforts made

08.15.02 New! :: Dawn
09.24.02 New! :: Again and Such Sweet Sorrow
03.18.03 New! :: The Last Goodbye, The Slaying of the Beast
04.06.03 New! :: True Motives, Welcome to Diego, All There Is, Nowhere, Inspiration
11.30.03 New! :: Transient, Untitled, Stained
01.06.04 New! :: After the Dream, Through the Storm (poetic imagery project 2004)
01.06.04 Update! :: Brief Icarus, Dawn, Today (poetic imagery project 2004)
01.12.04 Update! :: Forlorned, Searching (poetic imagery project 2004)

* indicates a poetic imagery poem

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